What would you prefer turning pages for hours to access some critical information or strike just some keys? Big or small, businesses can’t do without accounting. They give you a fair idea of where your business stands financially while making tax season less of a burden on your enterprise. Furthermore, statements allow you to see past and present finances that enables you to forecast your business’s financial future and plan for the next year. And if you think accounting is just the entries of transactions that can be done using pen and paper then you sure are living under the rock. As a business grows, its accounting needs turn more complex often requiring a custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Accounting software not only provides the necessary documents for your accountant in the blink of an eye but also reduces the chances of errors. Not only that but if you are using the latest accounting software you may reap endless benefits from keeping track of accounts receivable and accounts payable to getting a clear picture of the business’s profitability to enjoying a relaxed taxation period.