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Business Restructuring Services

Business restructuring adapt to the current market scenario and operate more efficiently than before

Preventing liquidation of an unbalanced market will leave you in tears.

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Understand business/corporate restructuring

Have you ever rearranged the interiors of your home with an aim to make it more spacious, positive and beautiful, cleaner, decluttered, and get rid of no longer needed items and add new ones? Your place would look tidier, nicer, and much more attractive. Plus, you don’t have to waste your precious time anymore rummaging through loads of stuff lying here and there to find the one you need. You may relate business restructuring with your house reorganising. In layman’s terms, change in the nature of a business, downsizing, quality management, financial issues, or updates in technology is termed as restructuring. Restructuring is nothing but an action taken by the management to meaningfully modify the financial and operational aspects of the company to stand or survive the unwanted pressures and unforeseen circumstances, mainly economic pushes. Restructuring typically involves modifying the debt, operations, or structure of a company as a way of limiting financial injury and enhancing the business.

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Why business restructuring

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Restructuring is always a difficult and delicate decision for an organisation of any size. But at some point in time, it has to take this decision to adapt to the current market scenario and operate more efficiently than before. Case in point: ongoing pandemic situation. We all have already witnessed how companies worldwide had to rethink every aspect of their previous business-as-usual, from finance to operations to products to people. There are endless reasons why companies may have to restructure their business and reorganize their operations. Businesses have to face numerous ups and downs throughout their life from foundation to maturity, and it comes as no surprise that the need to restructure the existing processes, systems, or teams may arise anytime. Those establishments who quickly react to the need of restructuring their business at the right time are sure to continue to grow, unlike those who don’t, struggle and often fail.

Benefits of restructuring

There are plenty of benefits that restructuring brings to you. Scope of identifying new opportunities, reducing costs, incorporating new technology and improving competitive advantage, to name a few. Restructuring of business in Dubai or any part of the world is majorly done keeping either of the two perspectives in mind – success or survival.

Business Recovery Services

Poor profits, deteriorating performance or knee-deep in debts, no matter what is bothering you to go for reorganising, Adam Global consulting is your answer for any kind of business restructuring services in Dubai. Not only, our restructuring professionals build a platform for sustainable growth for you by drawing a steady portfolio of financial and operational activities, but also make sure the new methods last while producing effective results. Just like every business in Dubai is different from the other, the restructuring scenario also varies from organisation to organisation. To cater to every individual organisational need, we have a wide range of business restructuring services in Dubai that are customised as per their individual circumstances. Our experienced restructuring professionals also assist you in evaluating opportunities in order to be successful or to sustain your business in the ever-changing modern market.

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Business Restructuring Services in Dubai That Suit You

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Looking for one of the best business recovery and business restructuring service providers in Dubai is quite tricky when every second consulting firm in the industry is claiming to be the best advisory company in Dubai. Why not search for a consultant that is the most beneficial for you? One that fixes your business. Like we do! Adam Global restructuring and recovery professionals go the whole hog to recognise and analyse the problem areas first, then develop the most viable solution quickly and implement them with delicacy, accuracy and responsibility. We make you prepared for the unknown with our bespoke operational and financial business restructuring services in Dubai. We take pride in delivering a complete suite of business restructuring services to our clients under one roof. From financial restructuring, operational restructuring and working capital management to short-term cash flow forecasting & cash management, debt & capital advisory, insolvency & court-appointed financial re-organisations and optimised exits. Because we know what you might need.


What is Financial Restructuring?2021-12-19T12:11:58+04:00

Corporate financial restructuring is any significant alterations in an organisation’s financial structure, or ownership or control, or business portfolio, planned to scale up the value of the establishment. There are various reasons (financial & non-financial) that may trigger the need for financial restructuring. Case in point: Insolvency. Conversion of debt into equity (aka ‘swap) between the company and the lenders, under which the debt components of the company are converted into equity of the business, is a type of financial restructuring arrangement.

When is the right time to think about restructuring the business?2021-12-19T12:12:25+04:00

Change seems scary only until you come across the advantages! Organisations are equipped to tackle the teething problems, but when big hurdles start blocking their way it’s time to think of restructuring, be it organisational or operational. For instance, debt restructuring. When companies face challenges in making the payments on their debt, they will often consolidate and adjust the terms of the debt in a debt restructuring, creating a way to pay off bondholders. A company can also reorganise its operations or structure using various cost-cutting tools and methods, such as payroll, or slashing its size through the sale of assets. Restructuring in a company occurs when it makes momentous changes to its financial or operational structure, typically to deal with financial intimidation.

The only way for businesses to fit in the market changes and faltered performance is restructuring. By streamlining processes, integrating systems and adding new capabilities, a company can transform to navigate industry or economic crises. Companies may also consider restructuring when readying for a sale, buyout, merger, change in overall goals, or transfer of ownership. In a nutshell, when a company sees a scope of making its business operations smoother and more economically sound, it turns to business restructuring experts.

What triggers the need for restructuring?2021-12-19T12:12:45+04:00

When it’s time to change, smart business persons do not shy away from taking appropriate measures for the necessary transformation to be on the safe side. And the first and foremost is hiring a business restructuring advisor from one of the best business/management advisory consultancies in Dubai, UAE. We, at Adam Global, perform an audit in order to determine the advantages and disadvantages of restructuring and examine all the factors that are required to be addressed. So, you can amplify the efficiency of your business. Crumbling financial fundamentals, miserable earnings performance, dull revenue from sales, overweening debt, and too much competition to beat in the industry are some of the dead giveaways that your business operations need restructuring, maybe to grow or just to sustain. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons that can alarm a business to take a restructuring call.

  • Stagnant or shrinking revenues
  • Profits come to a screeching halt
  • High turnover
  • Excessive debt/loans & insolvency
  • Low morale or spirit
  • Traditional systems
  • Overburdened or dissatisfied employees
  • Under-utilized human resources
  • Inadequate communication
  • Lack of management
  • Market is emerging
  • Tax laws
  • Shift in prices
  • Labour issues
  • Deteriorating or fluctuating market demand
Is restructuring good for a company?2021-12-19T12:13:11+04:00

Now that we already know about the various reasons that fuel the need for business restructuring. Despite so many risks associated with it, any sort of restructuring brings with it myriad benefits to revel in, both tangible and intangible. While some benefits are financial, such as reviving a worsening business, elevating a company’s value, and preparing it for sale or transfer to the next generation.

What are the risks that follow restructuring?2021-12-19T12:13:41+04:00

Business is synonymous with risk. Entrepreneurs in Dubai and beyond must be prepared to confront the fears and risks that enter the organisation along with the benefits of corporate restructuring. For example, if a business downsizes during restructuring, the loss of highly skilled workers may result in a loss of productivity. If a company’s restructuring involves new technology or changes in employee responsibilities, productivity may suffer while employees learn their new roles.

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