Laws keep on changing, and setting up an AML Compliance Department within your company is always advantageous for you, whether you are a financial or non-financial institution. And one of them is you don’t have to shell out a consultation fee every now and then. However, sometimes the cost of maintaining the compliance team can burn a hole in your pocket. Usually, the establishments featuring a huge customer base opt to have an in-house anti-money laundering department as they are more prone to the risk of money laundering activities. You may always consult with us about the feasibility of having your own Compliance Department within the company. Plus, our Compliance Advisors can help you find the right human resource for you, as the selection of perfect staff is crucial. Caveat: Make sure the communication between the compliance team and management is smooth and unobstructed. We are happy to help you at every step of the way, from keeping a check on the employees’ working efficiency, developing procedures and implementing best practices to regular monitoring and reporting. We can also assist you in the creation of a predefined manual for AML/CTF checks.