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Internal auditing in UAE is conducted by Professional Internal Auditors who possess in-depth knowledge of internal controls, processes and systems.

Audit findings are easy to come up with, successful change from a finding is true internal audit value.

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Internal auditing ensures that the company is on the right track by improving risk management and following international as well as local guidelines.

Not only a good internal auditing system is an excellent way to evaluate company performance but also it ensures better management of an enterprise by improving its governance, risk management, and management controls.

“The true standards of audit practice are found within the auditor’s character: honesty, integrity, self-control and high ethical values. The printed standards are merely guidelines for trying to make the art of auditing into a profession.”

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Agreed! Internal Auditors are the eyes and ears of management, be sure you are not deaf or blind with us. Being the top internal audit firms in Dubai, we understand how crucial an internal audit is for a company to ensure information security and regulatory compliance. We are considered an authority in all aspects of the accounting world and now have become a household name amongst business owners. 

We pride ourselves on being a trustable entity for a number of prestigious companies in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE.

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Our experienced team of Internal Auditors in the UAE bend over backwards to ensure that the auditees’ assets are protected and that enterprise-level risks are well addressed. We work with businesses of all types, be it a family-owned business or a public-joint stock company. Pursuing excellence, the detail-oriented Internal Audit team performs a significant number of tasks, from examining financial statements, expense reports, inventory, financial data, budgeting and accounting practices to creating risk assessments for each department. Detailed notes are taken, interviews with employees are conducted, work schedules are supervised, physical assets are verified, and financial statements are scrutinized to eliminate potentially damaging errors or falsehoods and find ways to increase productivity.

Our experienced team enacts a risk-based approach to measure and mitigate organizational risks. In addition to that, we also assist clients in managing their costs, boosting business productivity, and moving their performance to the next level. 

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